Give us a little room this Christmas

Over the past two months, we've asked our Lift community to step up twice as we sought to improve the way we do things. First, we asked for a new van on Give to the Max Day (updates coming in January), and then two weeks ago we asked for help with our Christmas Store (read an update here). Each time we received far more than we asked for, and we're floored by your generosity. Thank you! There's one last thing we'd like help with as we close out 2015.

Please consider supporting our much-needed renovations in your year-end giving. In September, we moved to the second floor of our building, a definite and literal step up, but over the past few months we've discovered that our rooms aren't quite big enough for our events. Our landlord has agreed to knock out a wall between our main meeting room and a large storage area, and fully renovate the storage area with a kitchen included!

We need to raise $8,000 to support this renovation. With this expanded space, our students won't feel so cramped, and our community gatherings won't be forced to split up between multiple rooms.

Thank you for your support. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and have a wonderful New Year!