Up: Groundwork to Elevate Youth


We are thrilled to announce that The Lift's four core youth programs, previously known under various names and titles, now fall under one larger (and hopefully clearer) umbrella. Introducing Up: Groundwork to Elevate Youth. This is a series of four programs that build on one another from elementary school to high school and beyond, providing our east side youth with the job and life skills they need to become successful leaders on the east side. Our hope is that these new names will establish a clearer pathway and better communicate what it is we do. We hope you like them!

1_Power Up_Logo.png

Elementary School
Formerly: Lift Up Kids

In Power Up, elementary age students play games, begin to work as a team, and learn fundamental concepts like cause and effect.

2_Level Up_Logo.png

High School
Formerly: Cash In

In Level Up, high school students build on their skills by learning job readiness, financial literacy, emotional intelligence, community involvement, and project management. This year, we're introducing basic software development, too! We're very high tech.

3_Show Up_Logo.png

The Plaza Theater
Formerly: Cash Wise

In Show Up, leadership skills are put to the test in on-the-job experience at our local community movie theater. Students will interact with the public for the first time, learn to manage money, and see how a small business is run. 

4_Change Up_Logo.png

Leadership Development Interns
Formerly: Changemakers

The final stage. In Change Up, young adults who have been through at least one of our programs are invited to join The Lift as paid leadership interns, working closely with staff to manage programs and develop their own unique interests, eventually reinvesting what they learned in our east side community.