Show of Hands: An Evening of Sharing

In the early days of The Lift, our Saturday gatherings were a time for the various and eclectic parts of our community to come together to celebrate and learn from each other. People would bring in a song they wanted to sing, a rap they had written, an illustration they'd done, or a thought that had been weighing on them.

We've grown since then, and the focus of our Saturday gatherings has shifted, but the core value of building a community from diverse voices is still one of the most central parts of who we are. This weekend, we want to bring the wide-ranging parts of our community together again for an evening of sharing our talents, ideas, and inspirations.

Here's how it works: show up at our building at 5PM this Saturday, May 14. Either bring something to share with the group, or simply come to sit and see what others have brought. What could you bring? Anything! (As long as it's no more than 3-4 minutes.) It could be a song, a rap, a reading, a poem, a YouTube clip, a painting, a dance, or a math problem. It can be something you have created or something created by others. It should be anything that brings you joy.

No sign up is required, but you can help us out by letting us know what you’re bringing by filling out this form.

Whether you're a student, an adult, a volunteer, or a donor, whether your experience with The Lift is through our youth programs, The Plaza Theater, being friends with someone involved here, or solely through social mediawe want you to join us!

Share and connect with us in a casual setting this weekend, and be sure to stick around afterward for a potluck dinner. We'll see you there!

Show of Hands | 5PM | Saturday, May 14 | 925 Payne Ave, Suite 204, St. Paul, MN 55130